We Love Slope! imageWe Love Slope! image
The Actuarial & Analytics Consortium is proud to make Slope Software its official modeling software.  This software was designed to be flexible and easy to use for the novice and well trained alike.  We are really impressed with how easy it is to get up and running with this software.  It is as easy to use as building formulas in an excel spreadsheet.   We were able to build models in one weekend with minimal training.   It is very intuitive and model building is facilitated  with drag-and-drop model development modules to enable actuaries to focus on building meaningful financial projections. There's no coding involved whatsoever and  there's full transparency into variables.

We found it quite easy to build a model governance structure for this tool as well.  We can show you how!  Check out the video at the link below to see for yourself how easy it is to build a model and then sign up for a free trial at www.slopesoftware.com. Another "best" feature of the software is the customer service.  You will be impressed by the fast and personalized treatment you will receive.

Slope Actuarial Modeling Software