Credential Data Scientists & Actuaries

We have credentialed Data Scientists who specialize in insurance predictive analytics.  Our data scientists are adjunct faculty in University Mathematics and Statistics programs.  They are skilled in machine learning technologies such as

  • Generalized Linear Modeling

  • Random Forests Techniques with Bagging

  • Boosting with AdaBoost

  • Linear & Logistic Regression

  • Principal Components Analysis

  • K-Nearest Neighbor Algorithms 

  • K-Means & Other Clustering Techniques

  • Classification & Decision Tree (CART) Techniques

  • Natural language Processing with Sentiment Analysis

  • Neural Networks & Reinforcement Learning Algorithms

  • And more...

We are experienced R, Python, Jupyter, SQL, SPSS, and SAS programmers and can help you find patterns in data to improve your

  • Product inforce  management

  • Claims,  underwriting & pricing with better risk scoring

  • Marketing & sales to Find New Channels of Profitability 

  • Assumption setting to improve retention & other experience indicators

  • Improve utility of big data to enhance pattern recognition in internal data

We have the track record of demonstrated success and expertise in statistical model building.  We have strong data analysis and data feature engineering skills to build models that validate with a high degree of statistical power.  Our clients can attest to the strength of our abilities to extract new insights from their internal data.